Epic Craft Server 1

Epic Craft Server 1.3 D

Our server :D Made By TheEpicToad

Non Labelled Rimrose

Welcome to the Epiccraft Minecraft Survival Server WikiEdit

EpicCraft Is an epic Minecraft survival adventure server , NO! We are not one of those servers that forces you to vote on multiple websites just so you have the ability to place blocks! We have friendly staff and high expectations for the future. The IP is If you want to contact us email

We hope you enjoy your stay on EpicCraft And join our friendly community :D

Our Server BasisEdit

Our Server is usally on most the time, Its either of coz Sam's being lazy and sleeping, Or because he is doing somthing to help the server, Our players here love it and we have a basis of friendly staff (Don't mess with sam when he is tierd he gets pissed quick) I hope you enjoy epic craft and be sure to subscribe to our youtube video (To be coming soon) Bye -Sam

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